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Ciao Bella!, the first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in history linked to a unique dine, wine and art and experience has been created on last November 8 in an exclusive, successful dinner in Dubai.
Renown Michelin starred Master Guest Chefs as HEINZ BECK, La Pergola – Waldorf Astoria, Rome***; MAX MASCIA, San Domenico, Imola**; MARCO BOTTEGA, Aminta, Genazzano (Rome)*; SARA PRECERUTI, Acquada, Milan; have been hosted at Bella Restaurant and Lounge by Chef ALESSANDRO MICELI.
The extraordinary menu of the night included exceptional wines, presented by the winery owners in Dubai exclusively for the event, luxury ingredients and unprecedented digital art.
The creation of Ciao Bella! NFT has been part of 12th Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit ( It’s issued by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) , which is based in Hong Kong but has its technological heart in Dubai.
Based in Dubai is also , the specialized fintech company that promoted the Ciao Bella! NFT. Once again, Dubai is showing a worldwide leadership in the direction of digital transformation by embracing blockchain and digital assets.
“It’s not by chance that this first NFT in history is linked to Italian Cuisine”, says Rosario Scarpato, the Founder and Director of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank. And adds: “Italian food and wine is traditionally one of the most beloved around the world, it’s fair enough that something so futuristic as the Ciao Bella! NFT would have born in an Italian restaurant outside of Italy”.
To become Ciao Bella! NFT holder the diners of last night had to pay 0.4 Ethereum and of course they expect the price will increase its value, particularly because it’s the first in history of its kind. They had also been entitled to assist to the destruction of the artistic menu, created live by the renowned Dutch artist DAMAin, and signed by the Master Chefs and winemakers.
The Italian Wine Crypto Bank, in collaboration with ColossalBit, has announced that starting soon will issue a series of NFTs linked to unforgettable dine, wine and art experience.
At the event there were also the Winemakers FEDERICA BOFFA, Pio Cesare; GIANNI GAGLIARDO; FILIPPO VANNI, export manager of Barone Ricasoli and ANNA PACLET, sommelier and Chief Wine value analist of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank

The Italian Wine Crypto Bank is having the IEO (Initial Exchange Offer) of its IWB tokens, the first fully backed by investment-grade Italian fine wine, on the exchange LATOKEN (